Megan Lee To Perform At Joy Ruckus Club Lunar New Year Special


Photo: Megan Lee/Joy Ruckus Club
In celebration of the Lunar New Year, Joy Ruckus Club is putting on an exciting (virtual) festival full of music and fun that will last over a course of 6 days! It was announced that Megan Lee will be gracing the “Dragon Stage” on February 20th at 7PM PST. HYOLYN is set to headline the entire festival and the show will feature more than 100 artists participating from all over the world. As for Megan who is best known for starring in Nickelodeon’s show “Make It Pop”, she recently gathered her previous cast mates for a ZOOM reunion, and the interactions were wholesome! Take a look at the video below and for more information on the Joy Ruckus Club Lunar New Year Festival, click here

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