Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia Reunite In Moira dela Torre’s “Paubaya”

Photo: Julia Barretto (IG)

The ex-real-life couple reunite in Moira dela Torre’s official music video for “Paubaya” and it’s full of heavy emotions! In the almost 12-minute video, we follow the relationship of Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia who are about to get married, although they don’t seem too sure about it, and eventually Julia runs away. In a collage of clips during flashbacks of happier times and Moira singing with her band, a hefty part of the video is dialogue between the two leads of apologies and thank you’s, just before they finally go their separate ways. Fans of the former couple took over social media to gush about the music video where the pair is even credited as co-writers in the MV dialogue.

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