KathNiel Give Love Advice In New “Everday Kath” Video

Photo: Screenshot from “Everyday Kath”

Kathryn Bernardo has been enjoying uploading videos to her Youtube Channel “Everyday Kath” and was probably most excited about her recent upload. Her boyfriend, Daniel Padilla joined her for the very first time in a special, sit down “Questions I’ve Never Asked My Boyfriend” vlog. Kathryn noted in the video that famous on-screen and off-screen love team will be celebrating their 9th anniversary in May. So what advice did the couple give to their viewers about love? Relationships are about compromise and respecting each other, always continuing to make efforts for each other, plan your future together, don’t hesitate to shower your partner with love, be proud of your significant other and enjoy the simple things in life with your partner. Check out the full video down below:

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