Mark Tuan Drops XC3 Collection

Over the past few weeks, GOT7’s Mark Tuan had been dropping hints that he is busy working on projects for his fans. Over the past month, Mark has released his track “One In A Million” which was a collaboration with EDM producer, Sanjoy as well his involvement in GOT7’s latest comeback with the song “ENCORE” and most recently, trended on social media with his participation in a Twitch livestream with DAY6’s Jae, and YouTubers Karl Jacobs and Corpse Husband where they learned how to play Minecraft. Mark has now released a very special gift for his fans – a new merch line called XC3, a collection in collaboration with Represent. Mark took to Instagram by posting a few photos of the collection with the caption: “I hope you guys are inspired by the personal messages I’ve expressed on each piece. This collection means a lot to me and I hope you guys enjoy!” We love that Mark has been releasing so much content and surprises! Can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us all. Make sure to check out and support the XC3 collection here!

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