Ivana Alawi Shares Story of Her Past On Toni Gonzaga’s “Toni Talks”

Photo: Celestine Gonzaga-Soriano (IG)

Toni Gonzaga has been on a roll with her YouTube channel content since she started a segment titled “Toni Talks.” Because March is Women’s month, Toni has rounded up strong and fierce women in these one-on-one interviews such as Ms. Charo Santos-Concio, Moira Dela Torre and Melai Contiveros. In the most recent video, Toni chatted with YouTube superstar, Ivana Alawi. In a very honest and comfortable conversation, Ivana shared about her past including: her many dreams at a young age, her family story, a date gone wrong, what she looks for in a partner and a message to her fans who mean the world to her. Ivana has also gone even more viral with her most recent video of a prank that ended up making her cry! Take a look at Toni and Ivana’s interview below:

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