Andrea Brillantes Reveals Debut Presents Worth Almost 1 Million PHP

Screenshot From Andrea Brillantes’ YouTube Video

Actress Andrea Brillantes recently uploaded a new YouTube video showing all of the presents she received from her debut (18th birthday) back in March. Andrea revealed that she was overwhelmed with the amount of presents she received but the total price of it all might be even more shocking! All of the presents combined is said to be worth almost 1 million Philippine pesos, which is a whopping $20,000! From multiple Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton bags to Gucci belts and scarves, even Givenchy slides from YouTube superstar, Ivana Alawi to cotton candy and ice cream makers and a whole refrigerator from fellow actress, Dimples Romana, which she has always wanted and is excited to display in her room. The video was just uploaded a day ago but is almost at 1 million views, as of writing. Check out the full video below!

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