Bongyoung Park Releases New Music Video With Si Hyeon Kim For SWITCH EMS

Screenshot from Kreaon YouTube Video

Choreographer and One Million Dance Studios instructor, Bongyoung Park, has just released a new music video featuring his friend and fellow dancer, Si Hyeon Kim, for SWITCH EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) from the brand CORE MOVEMENT. The duo recently participated in SPOEX 2021’s live-streaming event, which is one of Asia’s top 3 trade shows that showcase the latest trends in Korea’s sports and leisure industry. In their awesome collaboration stage filmed at Studio Carre, the duo highlights the new trend in the smart wearable fitness device by showing how easy it is to move and dance around even while wearing the EMS bodysuit. It’s said to maximize efficiencies such as muscle fibre and proximal activity through direct muscle contraction and relaxation using low-frequency current. For more info on the EMS Health Booster, click here. Make sure to check out Bongyoung and Si Hyeon’s wonderful collab video below:

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