Mark Tuan Uploads YouTube Video Showcasing Fans Gifts At CAA

Mark Tuan fans do not hold back when it comes to showing their favorite artist how much they love him! The singer recently signed with Creative Artists Agency (CAA) back in April to expand his opportunities as an artist, in America. With this major step in his career, his fans showered the CAA office in Los Angeles with flowers, balloons, gifts, cakes and more! In a new YouTube video uploaded to his channel, he made sure to showcase these gifts to show the fans how much he appreciates them as well, and how happy and overwhelmed this all made him. The humble Mark took photos amidst the beautiful gifts and even helped his team with putting the hundreds of goodies in a U-haul to transport home. Once he got home, he shared that he had also received the silver and gold YouTube plaques for surpassing 100,000 and 1,000,000 subscribers, respectively. He apologized to his fans for not updating them too much these days but assured them that he is working hard on new music and promises to gift them that soon.

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