Stray Kids’ Bang Chan And Felix Begin Newfound Friendships With Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman

This is one unexpected friendship and one we never knew we needed to see! It all started with Stray Kids’ Bang Chan stating how much of a fan he is of Actor Ryan Reynolds. In the group’s most recent performance on Kingdom: Legendary War, they paid homage to Reynolds’ superhero character, Deadpool, with references throughout their incredible stage. The actor ended up showing his love back to Bang Chan and the members through social media, and eventually admitted that his new favorite Australian is Bang Chan – a small dig towards his other Australian friend, Hugh Jackman. Along with the funny statement, Ryan took a photo of a signed alcohol bottle with plans to send it to Bang Chan and even requested an autograph in return! It didn’t take long for the Stray Kids leader to reply with a photo of him and a signed album, and a caption that included an apology to Hugh Jackman. The Actor ended up replying back to both Ryan and Bang Chan stating “No worries, Bang Chan! I just worry for Stray Kids now that Ryan is a fan. He can be a lot. Gotta watch out for my fellow Aussies! Hi Felix!” Such a wholesome new friendship! Check out their tweets below!

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