Andrea Brillantes And Seth Fedelin Play “Sagot O Lagot” In New YouTube Video

The fans love to see Andrea Brillantes include special guests in her videos posted to her YouTube channel, and the most recent guest really made the fans happy! Andrea is in an on-screen (and maybe off-screen, too?) love team with fellow actor, Seth Fedelin, in which they’ve been dubbed as “SethDrea.” In Andrea’s latest video, the duo played a game of Sagot O Lagot, where they answer questions and if one doesn’t answer, they would have to drink a shot of oil, vinegar, hot sauce, soy sauce and more. The video is a hit with viewers as it’s already reached 1.3 million views as of writing. Andrea and Seth will be starring in an upcoming series titled “Click, Like, Share” premiering on June 5 on and iWantTFC.

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