EVERGLOW Returns With “Last Melody” And Announces New Leader

EVERGLOW is back and with their newest, third single album “Last Melody” as well as the release of their title track “First” in which the group held a comeback showcase to celebrate. The music video for “First” shows a futuristic concept featuring powerful choreography and stunning visuals from each member. During the showcase on the other hand, the members announced that two years after their debut, they would be undergoing a leader change from EU to Sihyeon. Sihyeon commented, “Following EU, who has reliably taken of the members since our debut, I have ended up becoming the leader for a new change. In the future, I will take responsibility to make sure our team works harmoniously together and work towards becoming a leader who can communicate.” “Being leader wasn’t hard. I believe and am confident that Sihyeon will do well. Thank you so much for following me so well until now, and in the future, I’ll become a reinforcement by your side as the oldest member,” is what EU shared. It’s exciting to see what the future will hold for this super talented group!

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