SHINee Celebrates 13th Anniversary With Special Broadcast “SHINee Day”

It’s amazing to see that K-Pop group SHINee has reached 13 years in the industry and are continuing to make their Shawols so happy. The group debuted on May 25, 2008 with their debut EP, Replay, being trendsetters in all areas of music, fashion and dance, with the members venturing into other lines of projects including dramas, modeling and businesses. In December 2017, SHINee tragically lost their member, Jonghyun, but continued to show their strength and passion for their art as they moved forward as a 4-piece. To celebrate their anniversary, the group held a special event via VLIVE titled “SHINee Day” where Onew, Key, Minho and Taemin performed their hit songs, played games and reminisced on their 13 years in the industry. They most recently released their latest single, “SUPERSTAR,” which will lead up to their upcoming Japanese album dropping on July 28. Wishing SHINee a Happy Anniversary and we hope they continue to release more music for many years to come. Congratulations!

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