Red Velvet’s Joy Says “Hello” In Solo Debut Remake Album

Red Velvet’s Joy is bringing happiness to her fans and she has officially released her solo debut album, “Hello,” which is a remake album consisting of six songs all from the years of the 90’s and 00’s. The 24-year old singer had the opportunity to choose the songs that would be a part of the album and made sure to include tracks originally sung by the likes of Park Hye-kyoung, Sung Si-kyung and Toy. In a press conference held today for her album release, Joy stated that her label specifically went for the songs from the 1990’s and 2000’s to target a middle ground for listeners of different ages to enjoy. “My No. 1 goal was to not damage the sentiment of the original songs. I didn’t want the remake to sound like completely different songs. At the same time, I thought hard about how I could use my voice for a unique edge.” Along with the release of the album, Joy also dropped the music video for the title track, “Hello,” which is a remake of Park Hye Kyung’s 2003 song “Hello,” about forgetting the difficult past and starting fresh. Joy’s version was arranged by KENZIE. Check out the music video below. Congratulations, Joy!

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