SHINee Sends Off Taemin For His Military Enlistment

SHINee’s youngest member has officially gone for his mandatory military service! Taemin was joined by his members as they said their well wishes, with group photos posted to their individual social media pages. Minho personally drove with Taemin to the military center to drop him off as tons of fans awaited to see their idol in person for what could be quite some time! Taemin will be serving in the military band after he completes the basic military training. He is also the last member of the group to enlist as Onew, Key and Minho served and were discharged in 2020. Prior to enlisting, Taemin made sure to get as much work done as the singer released his third-mini album “Advice,” made a comeback with SHINee on two albums (Don’t Call Me and Atlantis,) and celebrated 13 years since the debut date for SHINee. Wishing Taemin all the best!

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