Red Velvet Confirmed To Make A Full Group Comeback In August

ReVeLuvs, get ready! Red Velvet is back! SM Entertainment has confirmed reports of the girl group’s comeback through a statement, “Red Velvet is preparing for a new album with the goal of a comeback in August. Please look forward to it.” While there hasn’t been an exact timeline, many are already looking forward to this return as the last release Red Velvet had altogether was back in 2019 for “Psycho.” In the meantime, the individual members have been busy with their own projects: Wendy had he solo debut earlier this year, Joy has just released a special solo album titled “Hello,” Seulgi teamed up with NCT’s Taeyong on a new song called “Rose,” and the group’s youngest, Yeri, is currently showcasing her acting skills on various projects. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting comeback!

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