JAGMAC Drops Filipino-Inspired Track “Masarap”

Sibling group JAGMAC is back with a new track, and this time, it’s inspired by their Filipino roots! “Masarap” brings a surprising sound that includes an oriental intro, catchy beat, chorus and hook. The song’s vibe all around has a mature tone and features powerful vocals by all members as well as some awesome rap lines. Along with the release of the song, the group also shared an accompanying music video that shows a spy/action movie concept. For those unaware, all of the siblings have a black belt and made sure to showcase this talent in the music video! CJ, Alyssa, Manjo, Gabriel, Angelique and Jared all have writing credits on this track making it even more impressive. “Masarap” is the Tagalog word for “Delicious” and that’s exactly what this song is! Check out the music video below:

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