BTOB To Release “Blue Moon” Cinema Version From “Kingdom: Legendary War”

On an episode of Mnet’s competition show, “Kingdom: Legendary War,” BTOB put on an incredible performance of “Blue Moon” (Cinema Version) alongside their special guest, (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon, which featured a “La La Land” type concept with a Broadway style, jazz vibe, placing the group in third place for the final results of Round 3. The group announced on social media that they would be releasing this track as a digital single for all of their fans. “Blue Moon” is actually one of the B-Side songs off of the group’s 2018 album, “This Is Us,” and since the track was well-received from fans all around the world since it’s original release, this was one of the main reasons the group chose it to perform for the show. BTOB’s “Blue Moon” (Cinema Version) will be released on June 13.

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