Kim Seon Ho, Shin Min Ah And Lee Sang Yi Meet Up At Their First Script Reading For “Seashore Village ChaChaCha”

New photos of the actors of the upcoming rom-com, “Seashore Village ChaChaCha” have been uploaded to social media, showing Kim Seon Ho, Shin Min Ah and Lee Sang Yi at their very first script reading. The show is a remake of the film “Mr. Hong,” which is about a dentist named Yoon Hye Jin, played by Shin Min Ah and Hong Doo Shik, played by Kim Seon Ho, aka “Mr. Hong” in the village of Gongjin. The chemistry at the first script reading was palpable as the leading actors looked happy together and impressed the staff with their amazing connection. Lee Sang Yi also showed his strong acting skills as he perfectly transformed into his character, Ji Sung Hyun, as a top variety show Producing Director. “Seashore Village ChaChaCha” is set to air in the latter part of 2021.

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