SEVENTEEN Releases Highlight Medley for “Your Choice”

SEVENTEEN is leveling up more and more with each release they do. This time, their upcoming album “Your Choice,” proves that the members are some of the industry’s best “self-producing” groups! In a new highlight medley video posted to their YouTube channel, SEVENTEEN shared the tracks that will be featured on their 8th mini-album, including: “Heaven’s Cloud,” “Anyone,” “GAM3 BOI,” Wave,” “Same Dream Same Mind Same Night,” and title track “Ready to Love.” From the seven tracks, member WOOZI is credited for the lyrics and composition of six songs, while leader S.COUPS participated in the writing of gour tracks. Members Dino, Mingyu, THE 8, Hoshi, Jun and Vernon have also been credited as lyricists for four songs. HYBE CEO, Bang Si Hyuk a.k.a “hitman” Bang, was also credited as a lyricist. The highly-awaited 8th mini-album will be released on June 18. Arambulo Live will have the opportunity to attend the global press conference and will live-tweet the event, so CARATS – make sure to follow! Take a look at the highlight medley video below.

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