ATEEZ’s Mingi Officially Returns To Group Activities After Hiatus

ATEEZ’s rapper and dancer, Mingi, has been confirmed to resume group activities after an almost 8-month hiatus. Mingi took a break from activities back in November 2020 due to symptoms of anxiety, and while not present for ATEEZ’s participation in “Kingdom: Legendary War” as well as the group’s comeback promotions in March 2021, Mingi did lend his voice in the recordings for all of the songs released for these projects. The group’s agency, KQ Entertainment confirmed the good news via statement:

Hello, this is KQ Entertainment.

We would like to inform you about the health status and return of ATEEZ member Mingi.

Through counseling therapy, taking a long period of rest, and his own efforts, Mingi has regained his health. In order to check his mental and physical health, he participated in several work activities in the first half of 2021 prior to his official return to the team.

After checking his health status and having several discussions with Mingi, his parents, and his psychological counselor, we received the final verdict from his counselor that he could return to work without diffficulties.

From this point on, ATEEZ will be active as a full group of eight members, and we will keep you informed of any changes that might be made to the existing schedule.

We’d like to thank ATINYs who have waited for Mingi and sent him your unwavering support once again.

Thank you.

Welcome back, Mingi!

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