EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Arambulo Live Chats With P-Pop Girl Group BINI

BINI just made their debut recently, but the power and talent all 8 members hold surpasses their title as a rookie group. Jhoanna, Aiah, Colet, Maloi, Gwen, Stacey, Mikha and Sheena trained under the Star Hunt Academy for more than 2 years in hopes to make their dreams come true by performing for fans all over the world. Each member somewhat had history and experience in the industry prior to their debut as BINI, from broadcasting to being housemates on Pinoy Big Brother to even auditioning for the highly-coveted role of “Darna.” Their pre-debut song “Da Coconut Nut” which was released in the latter part of 2020 saw heavy success and truly cemented their fan base, further hyping up their BLOOM to anticipate the official debut of BINI. Nikki from Arambulo Live had the opportunity to have a one-on-one chat with members about the struggles and pressure they faced as they prepared for their highly-anticipated debut, which was split into two major events, The Runway and The Showcase, to the behind-the-scenes stories of their hit song “Born to Win.” They also shared the advice their brother group, BGYO, has given them as well as what they think differentiates P-Pop to K-Pop. We also had the chance to get to know each member further as they answered questions customized for each of them. Many of their BLOOM also submitted questions for the members, where they shared fun facts about their roommates to what their ultimate fears are. The almost hour-long interview features so much new information that we hope BINI’s BLOOM can relate to and take inspiration from. Check out the full video below!

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