Wong Fu Productions Releases Trailer For “Strangers Never Again”

As we previously reported, YouTube legends Wong Fu Productions are officially reviving the characters of their hit 2011 short film, “Strangers, again” with a new series titled “Strangers Never Again” which will follow “how much can change in our views of love after 10 years.” Wong Fu announced that the series will be split into three chapters which will be released one by one for free on their YouTube channel, starting on August 8 and will continue with Chapters 2 and 3 on August 15 and August 22. If you can’t wait that long and want to know what happened to Marissa and Josh 10 years later, you’re in luck! The entire series is now available for purchase to watch here! Throughout the filming, the stars of the project, Philip Wang (who also wrote the story!) and Cathy Nguyen Banaag shared some behind the scenes clips and teasers on their social media pages, which further excited long-time fans! Check out the full official trailer for “Strangers Never Again” down below!

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