Stray Kids’ Bang Chan And Ryan Reynolds Fan Boy Over Each Other In New Interview

Photo: Stray Kids (IG)

If you were looking for some wholesome content to watch today, this it it! The love that Stray Kids’ Bang Chan and actor Ryan Reynolds have for each other is no secret. Stray Kids had a special stage on the show “Kingdom: Legendary War” inspired by Ryan Reynold’s film, “Deadpool” turning the actor into a huge fan of the popular K-Pop group. This was the beginning of a series of back and forth tweets and gifts! After a few months of interactions, the two have finally talked face-to-face for the first time via video call! Ryan has been promoting his new movie, “Free Guy” and Bang Chan had the opportunity to interview the actor. They both were so excited to finally be able to talk to each other, even stating how nervous they were to finally (virtually) meet. Ryan shared that he had been keeping up with the teasers and trailers for Stray Kids’ upcoming comeback, saying, “You guys do this amazing thing where you kind of blend music with the action genre. It’s something I don’t see a lot of people do, and it’s something I’m actually going to steal.” So cool! Check out the full interview below:

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