DK, Seungkwan And Woozi Of SEVENTEEN To Sing On “Hospital Playlist 2” OST

It’s no secret that some of the members of SEVENTEEN are big fans of the drama “Hospital Playlist 2,” specifically Seungkwan and DK who have publicly said that they’re avid fans of the show and the show’s music! Pledis Entertainment shared that SEVENTEEN members Woozi, DK and Seungkwan will be singing “Is it still beautiful” (originally sung by Toy ft. Kim YeonWoo) and will be featured on the drama’s OST, with viewers being able to listen to it for the first time on August 13! SEVENTEEN just successfully wrapped up their 5th fan-meeting, “SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND,” and will be releasing their version of HYBE’s reality show, “In the SOOP” on August 29! Check out the teaser for the OST below:

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