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We had the incredible opportunity to attend SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND, celebrating the group’s 5th annual fan meeting on August 8th. The 4-hour long show featured amazing sets and performances as well as hilarious games and skits that only the members could pull off with that much sincere comedy! S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, The8, Mingyu, DK, Seungkwan, Vernon and Dino were all in attendance for the exciting online event attended by about 22 million viewers worldwide!

SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND started off with an emotional VCR of a hard-working CARAT leaving their workplace during a rain storm, only to find all 13 members across the street holding an umbrella. The show then cuts to real-time as we see SEVENTEEN on stage to perform “Ready To Love,” the title track off of their 8th mini-album, “Your Choice”. The members looked amazing as they were decked out in denim ensembles with some showing off their new hair colors!

The members then went into introducing themselves and welcoming the CARATS watching from all of the world, as well teaching the viewers how to do the legendary SVT x CARAT LAND chant. The introductions went in the order of DK, Woozi, Dino, Jeonghan, Jun, Wonwoo, S.Coups, Hoshi, Mingyu, Joshua, Vernon, Seungkwan and The8. Right after the intros, the stage was set for their next performance of “Heaven’s Cloud,” also off of the “Your Choice” EP. Fittingly, the stage was decorated with large clouds that the members were sitting on with pink, blue and purple lighting making the visual absolutely perfect!

The first portion of games for the evening was titled “SEVENTEEN Bittersweet Talk,” where each member would choose to answer either a “Sweet” or “Bitter” question about another chosen member. The first member up was Seungkwan who chose S.Coups with a “Bitter” question, “When did he look the most pitiful?” Seungkwan answered that on S.Coup’s birthday (which is August 8!) he gets really sulky when he doesn’t receive birthday messages at midnight from his members! S.Coups then chose Hoshi, with the question, “Is there a habit you wish for him to fix?” and as CARATS know, Hoshi has an undeniable love for Tigers, and all members hilariously agreed that maybe he could relax on the “Tiger remarks!” Next up was Hoshi who ended up picking Joshua and chose the question, “Have you ever overcome a crisis because of this member?” and Hoshi shared that during the group’s world tour, he had trouble speaking English and Joshua was always there to guide him and push him to speak the language at places like stores and restaurants so that he could learn it for the future! Joshua chose Vernon with the question, “Have you recently had a big laugh because of him?” and Joshua stated that right before the event that afternoon, the duo were in the green room when Joshua made a joke and Vernon made a confused look on his face, making Joshua crack up! The next member was Vernon who chose The8, and the question was “Have you ever felt he was success-oriented for a SEVENTEEN member?” Vernon shared that The8’s hobby at home is tea drinking and because the process of making tea is long and complicated, Vernon gets surprised that he does this all the time. The8 chose DK with the question, “When was the moment this member was being bothersome and you couldn’t tell them?” The8 admitted that in the past, DK was very loud but things have changed and he’s now more careful and The8 is more accepting, which balances everything out. DK chose Dino, and while he initially went with a “Sweet” question, he switched over to “Bitter,” with the question being: “Have you ever lied to him with good intentions and he never found out?” DK shared that sometimes Dino asks questions for acceptance and DK just agrees with whatever he says and tell him that he did a good job (lol!) Dino chose Jeonghan and listed five strengths, keeping it simple, and included: Handsome, pretty mic, pretty in-ears, good dancer and good hair. Jeonghan had Seungkwan as his member and the question was “Is there any superb quality about him that surprises you?” He shared that Seungkwan’s passion for badminton and his competitiveness is something that surprises him. Because Jun ended up choosing himself, Wonwoo ended up taking the question which was “Do you have a one-on-one text chat?” to which Wonwoo revealed that he rarely texts one-on-one with the members and that one time, he texted Jun only to find out that he had a new number that he didn’t know about! Jun chose Woozi, with the question of “When was the most memorable date you had with him?” and while all of the members giggled at the question, Jun shared that during the early days of their career, Woozi would personally help Jun out with their music, especially with Jun’s struggles of singing in Korean. Woozi chose Wonwoo, with the question of “If you’re still holding a grudge, tell the member and let it go.” Woozi admitted that during their trainee days, he and Wonwoo would argue and disagree often but after debut, they never fought. He also said that Wonwoo is funny when he’s not trying, but once he tries, he’s not funny anymore. His advice was “if you want to make others laugh, don’t try!” Joshua answered the question for Mingyu regarding, “a moment you were so thankful for and that you would repay him?” Joshua said that Mingyu is the member that gives advice often, is always listening to him and is helpful and encouraging at the right times.

After the fun Q&A portion of the show, a clip of the members showed up on screen of them doing various work related tasks such as office jobs and café baristas and then jumped to the bright and colorful stage where SEVENTEEN performed their hit songs “Oh My!” and “Pretty U” starting it off with a video call concept, and the members filming themselves on selfie cameras.

The second game portion of CARAT LAND featured Woozi as the MC and the teams separated by the group’s units – Hip Hop unit, Vocal Unit and Performance Unit. During this slot, the members played hilarious games of “BINGO” SEVENTEEN edition which was a timed game, with the Vocal Unit winning by collecting 11 points at the end. They also played a competitive but comedic game of random dance play where each group had to guess which SEVENTEEN song it was just by the provided consonants, and they also had to perform the choreography perfectly as a unit.

The next section of performances featured the highly-anticipated unit reverse performances where the Hip Hop unit performed the performance unit’s song “lilili yabbay,” the performance unit took on the vocal unit’s “Chocolate,” and the vocal unit rapping, singing and dancing to the Hip Hop unit’s track, “Check In.”

Along with special pre-recorded video greetings by each member to all of the CARATS, SEVENTEEN wrapped up the night with performances of “Anyone” and “Love Letter” and made sure to give their thanks and thoughts on how much the members miss and love the fans with hopes that they could all be reunited once again soon. They made sure to share messages of positivity and good health to their CARATS before ending the show with performances of “Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day” and “Holiday”. The group also made sure to celebrate the birthday of their beloved leader, S.Coups, by bringing out a yummy cake and singing him the “Happy Birthday” song. Overall, we had such a blast watching SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND and loved seeing the fun interactions between the members, incredible and flawless performances of their hit songs and of course, hearing the messages of how much SEVENTEEN loves their CARATS. Congratulations to SEVENTEEN on a mega-successful show and fan meeting and a massive thank you to Pledis Entertainment and HYBE for inviting us!

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