BINI Uploads Perfectly Synchronized Dance Practice Video For “Kapit Lang”

We think it’s safe to say that BINI is a group that boasts some of the most polished and synchronized choreography in the industry today. Comprised of 8 members, the P-Pop girl group has proved that not only can they sing, dance, inspire and have stunning visuals – they are also very detailed and work extremely hard to produce such impressive synchronization which has easily become a signature dance style of the group. BINI most recently released their third single, “Kapit Lang,” where the lyrics promote strength through trials and difficult days, while the official music video showcases a vibrant and colorful aesthetic. The girl group uploaded a special dance practice video for the track, pleasing their fanbase, BLOOM, all around the world. BINI is currently gearing up for their highly-anticipated joint concert alongside their brother group, BGYO, which is scheduled for November 6 and 7 as well as an exciting trip to Dubai for the 1MX Concert on December 3, marking the group’s first international event in-person! Check out the “Kapit Lang” dance practice video and music video, as well as our exclusive interviews with BINI down below!

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