Wook Kim Shares Inspirational Journey Of Marketing K-Pop Globally

Many people dream about traveling the world, making connections and doing what they love – Wook Kim does just that! Born in South Korea, Wook has made an international journey with experiences in Australia, the UK, Europe and of course, South Korea, to make global moves and spread the word about K-Pop and Korean culture. “I’ve started working in this field very spontaneously as I just liked to hang out with new people. The good thing was I was the only Korean who is interested in K-POP and Korean culture.” These days, K-Pop is arguably one of the biggest and most followed genres in every sense and Wook has had first hand experience by working alongside some of the biggest names in the K-Pop industry including: JESSI, RAIN, AILEE, THE BOYZ, MOMOLAND, EVERGLOW, A.C.E, W24, as well as influencers such as: Edward Avila and Changa. “Honestly, I was not a huge K-POP fan as normally, Korean people stopped to listen to K-POP music after graduating high school. Also, some of the 2nd generations of Korean in the UK grew up with conservative parents who are not likely to support them to listen and like K-POP and force them to study to be doctors.” What changed Wook’s perspective was after he attended the legendary BTS concert at the Wembley Stadium, “It was just fun to meet people but I felt that the feeling of K-POP fans was genuine when I interviewed them at the Wembley stadium. I never expected BTS to have two sold-out London concerts that were attended by 60,000 K-POP fans. Fans gathered at Piccadilly Circus to see Hyundai Motor’s advertisement campaign featuring BTS.” Wook has participated in managing K-Pop livestreaming concerts with SESSIONS, LivexLive, SBS and more and is currently the global marketing manager of Kreaon, where for the past year, he has lead the strategy for the brand’s global exposure and collaboration. Follow Wook on Instagram to see more of his incredible journey!

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