AC Bonifacio Releases Single “Fool No Mo” As First Artist Under Star Magic Records

ABS-CBN and Star Magic are continuing to make big moves! The powerhouse companies have created a new sub-label under Star Magic, in collaboration with ABS-CBN music, titled Star Magic Records, as a way of expanding the brand of the network’s talent management. A virtual media conference was held for the exciting launch as well as the announcement of the label’s first artist – AC Bonifacio. AC is known globally as a top tier dancer, singer, actress, host and model, and is now releasing a highly-anticipated single titled “Fool No Mo.” Star Magic head Lauren Dyogi, and Roxy Liquigan and Jonathan Manalo of ABS-CBN Music were in attendance for the conference in which they revealed the reason why AC was chosen to be the first artist under the new label. Per Dyogi, (translated to English) “She already has so much exposure that can attest to how great she can dance. But more than that, there are so many other aspects to her that have yet to be seen. This time, she will not only dance, but be a total performer.”

“Fool No Mo” is a single that showcases AC’s power not just as an all around performer, but as a budding songwriter as well. During the press conference, Arambulo Live’s Nikki asked the 18-year old talent about her experience and involvement of writing a song for the first time, in which she said, “I did write a part in the song! It was my first time writing and I am not a writer. I am more on movement. Movement became my diary, that’s where I release all of my feelings. So that was my first time to release it and write down what I felt. I just kept writing and writing. I had the beat with me and Sir Jonathan was helping me. We were sending it back and forth and he was giving me feedback also.” The track is a song that anyone can relate to and per AC, is an empowering anthem and a reminder of self-worth and how every person should be treated by others. Check out “Fool No Mo” below as well as our exclusive interview from the media conference!

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