BINI and BGYO are arguably some of the hottest acts from the Philippines today so it’s no surprise that the two P-Pop groups came together to join forces for an epic sibling concert titled, “One Dream,” which took place over the span of 2 days, Saturday November 6 and Sunday, November 7. With big thanks to BINI, BGYO and their teams, we were invited to watch Day 1 of the highly-anticipated event! BINI kicked off the show with the perfect amount of energy and visuals as they performed their debut single, “Born to Win,” complete with a live band and back-up dancers as they then transitioned into their own renditions of the tracks, “Unbound” and “Impossible,” which then brought out the show’s first guest – KZ Tandingan, and a special collaboration stage with the group’s idol for the tracks “Labo” and “Marupok.” After their performance together, KZ emotionally advised BINI to “throw away your fears and trust God that He will give you the performance everyone is expecting.” In regards to sustaining the longevity of a career in the industry, KZ said, “talent and hard work will get you to the top, but a good attitude will make you stay there.” BINI then performed the songs, “Kapit Lang” and “Magdamag” as they ended their set with a stunning performance of their balled song, “8,” from their album Born To Win, which highlighted the group’s powerful vocals.

BGYO then takes the stage for the second half of the show, as they kicked off their portion with their debut song, “The Light.” With this, the group then went into performances of their own renditions of “Hataw Na” by Gary Valenciano and “Sasamahan Kita,” by Loisa Andalio. This was then followed by a jaw-dropping collaboration stage alongside AC Bonifacio, where BGYO and the globally popular star performed an amazing dance number that ended in a special duo performance between long-time friends AC and Nate, causing viewers to burst in their kilig feels! AC then took to stage to perform her single, “Fool No Mo,” for the very first time since the release of the track and since the announcement that she is the first artist under Star Magic’s newest sub-label, Star Magic Records. BGYO then came back on stage to surprise their fans with live performances of “Fly Away” and “Kulay” for the first time ever.

The third portion of the concert featured their unexpected yet exciting unit collaboration stages! The first performance was focused on both group’s vocal members, BINI’s Jhoanna, Maloi, Colet and Gwen along with BGYO’s JL and Akira as they sang a cover of the track “Till the End of Time,” and showcased beautiful and flawlessly blended vocals. The next performance had the group’s rap line take the stage – BINI’s Aiah and Stacey and BGYO’s Mikki – as they delivered a powerful production featuring a mix of the tracks, “Go Higher” and “World War C.” The unit performances ended with the dance line’s incredible and dynamic stage as BINI’s Sheena and Mikha and BGYO’s Gelo and Nate easily prove why they are their group’s respective dancers. The show also included a nostalgic portion as both group’s performed K-Pop dance covers – BINI performed TWICE’s “Yes or Yes and BGYO performed BTS’ “On” – causing BLOOM and ACE’s to think about the group’s pre-debut era. The show ended with BINI’s pre-debut single, “Da Coconut Nut,” where both BINI and BGYO put on a fun and silly performance for the finale stage.

It can be recalled that both groups trained under the Star Hunt Academy, where each member ceaselessly worked on the skills and foundation needed for the industry and to be a full blown pop-star! Clearly, despite debuting just this year, Gelo, Akira, JL, Mikki, Nate, Jhoanna, Aiah, Colet, Maloi, Gwen, Stacey, Mikha and Sheena have gone above and beyond to prove not only their exceptional talents, but that dreams do come true! With hard work, dedication and passion – anything is possible. The “One Dream” concert was undoubtedly an incredible beginning and successful first headliner concert for both BINI and BGYO, we can’t wait to see what else these groups have in store for us! Again, thank you to BINI, BGYO, their teams and ABS-CBN for the invite! Make sure to continue to support BINI and BGYO, both groups will be a part of the upcoming 1MX Concert in Dubai, making this their first overseas show. Major congratulations BINI and BGYO on all of the projects and blessings!

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