DAY6’s Jae To Return To Streaming On Twitch + Performs At 88rising’s “Head In The Clouds” Music Festival

DAY6’s Jae, also known as eaJ, is making waves these days with some great and exciting news! The artist announced that after a year of not doing so, he would be making his way back onto Twitch starting in January and will regularly stream and connect with his fans. The DAY6 member took to Twitter to make the announcement posting, “Am going to officially start streaming in Jan. Would appreciate if I could have a conversation with a platform. Who should I be emailing?” With this as an opportunity to get close with his fans, Jae also participated in the successful 2-day “Head In The Clouds” music festival by 88rising, where he got to perform for all of the excited attendees on both days. Jae performed his songs under the name eaJ as well as a snippet of DAY6’s hit song, “Zombie,” for his solo stage on Day 2 of the music festival. Jae made a couple of special appearances on various stages with other “Head In The Clouds” headliners as he joined Seori for the tracks, “Dive With You” and “It Just Is,” as well as sharing the stage with keshi, where they performed their song “pillows” together. DPR and Jae took over social media trends when DPR LIVE introduced Jae as “DPR eaJ” as they performed their collaboration single titled, “Jam & Butterfly.” Stay tuned to Arambulo Live for more exciting Jae/eaJ news!


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