Maymay Entrata Showcases Powerful Vocals In “Amakabogera” Performance On Wish FM Bus

Maymay Entrata is known to be great at many things – acting, singing, dancing, modeling, hosting and more! Recently, she released her newest single, “Amakabogera,” which sings about being unapologetically yourself and owning being confidently beautiful. The dance track features a fun and catchy beat with hints of a Latin flair embedded into the music and even a touch of a “rap” portion by Maymay herself! Just yesterday, the 24-year-old made her debut on the Wish FM 107.5 bus, famously known for putting on legendary performances, as she sang “Amakabogera” live. The video is currently trending as many netizens who have watched it are praising Maymay’s incredible live vocals as she hit high notes flawlessly and executed the entire song exactly like the studio recorded version. Maymay is gearing up for her digital concert, which is scheduled for November 26 with a re-run on November 27, where she is set to showcase powerful and fun performances. The concert will also feature special guests, Edward Barber, DJ Jhai Ho, AC Bonifacio, Darren Espanto, Mimiyuuuh and Nyoy Volante. Check out Maymay’s performance of “Amakabogera” on the Wish Bus as well as the official music video below!

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