BTS’ Jin Drops Special Birthday Song “Super Tuna” + BIGHIT Announces BTS’ Vacation

While BTS’ Jin is known for his incredible good looks, (the singer has the nickname World Wide Handsome!) the BTS ARMY loves him for his fun and carefree personality. To celebrate his birthday, Jin wanted to give back to his fans by releasing a special single titled “Super Tuna” and it’s the cutest track ever! It’s a song produced by BUMZU (Pledis Entertainment’s producer, who also works directly with SEVENTEEN) and is inspired by one of his fishing trips last September and even features background vocals of the staff who joined him on the trip. Along with the release of the special song, Jin also filmed a fun and exciting choreography video at a Los Angeles beach with HYBE/BigHit Music performance directors, Lee Byung Eun and Yoon Seong Eun. Jin and the members of his group, BTS, have just wrapped up a 4-day residency in Los Angeles for their “Permission To Dance” shows, marking it the first time both BTS and ARMY have seen each other in person for 2 years! BIGHIT MUSIC has also just announced the group’s vacation, where the members will be taking time off to rest and spend the holiday season with their families. During this time, they will also be preparing for their upcoming in-person concerts in Seoul starting in March 2022 as well as the release of a new album. Check out Jin’s “Super Tuna” video down below as well as the announcement from BIGHIT MUSIC regarding BTS’ vacation.

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