Kathryn Bernardo Reads Fan Assumptions About Her In New YouTube Video

In her latest YouTube video, Kathryn Bernardo did not shy away from reading and answering to fan assumptions about her. Submitted by fans themselves, Kathryn addressed if she really is maarte in real life, how she is as a girlfriend, whether or not she gets mad easily, and if she’s fought with another celebrity. Throughout the almost 20-minute video, the actress ate ice cream while talking about the assumptions giving the video more of a personal, one-on-one feel. Currently, Kathryn is working on a highly-anticipated teleserye alongside on-screen and off-screen boyfriend, Daniel Padilla, titled “2G2BT” (2 Good 2 Be True) and marks the first teleserye comeback for KathNiel since “La Luna Sangre,” which was released four years ago. Check out Kathyrn’s assumptions video down below!

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