ENHYPEN Confirms Comeback With Repackaged Album

Get ready, ENGENE’s! ENHYPEN has officially be confirmed to be making a comeback! The group’s agency, BELIFT LAB, revealed that ENHYPEN would be releasing “DIMENSON: ANSWER,” on January 10, 2022. This release would be the repackaged version of their first studio album, “DIMENSON: DILEMMA,” which was released in October 2021. This album earned the group the “million-seller” title with sales of 1,139,099 copies in less than a year since their debut. In other ENHYPEN news, the 7-member group have been breaking records left and right as they were just announced to have surpassed over 500 million total streams on Spotify in 372 days, making them the fastest K-Pop boy group in history to do so. Other honorable mentions and milestones the group has surpassed are: Fastest Debut Album by a K-Pop group to reach 100 million streams on Spotify in 201 days (for Border: Day One,) Fastest K-Pop group in history to reach 4 million monthly listeners in 236 days, Fastest and Most Followed 2020 Rookie Group on Spotify and ranks #3 on Most Followed 4th Generation Boy Group on Spotify. Their track, “FEVER,” was named the Most Streamed 2021 B-Side by a 4th Gen group, Most Streamed Song by a 4th Gen group on Spotify and longest-charting K-Pop song on Spotify Global Viral 50. These achievements are incredible despite having debuted just last year in November. We can’t wait to see what else ENHYPEN has in store and what else they will continue to achieve! Congratulations, ENHYPEN!

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