ASTRO’s Rocky Cast In New Web Drama Titled “Salty Idol”

ASTRO member, Rocky, has been confirmed to be casted in the upcoming web drama, “Salty Idol.” His agency, Fantagio, made the official announcement through a statement released to the press saying, “ASTRO’s Rocky has been cast in the web drama ‘Salty Idol’. He worked hard to return with a good character in this project, too, so please show him your interest and love.” The show follows the story of the sad daily life of an idol in a comedic way, showing that despite rising to stardom, he suffers from various hardships, including financial difficulty. Rocky is set to play the character of Hwiyeon, who was a solo artist but joined the idol group XPierce as a second generation member. XPierce became popular after their first album topped charts, but since Hwiyeon wasn’t a member of the group when the first album was released, he is excluded from XPierce’s fans. Rocky will revitalize the drama by portraying various ways to overcome this pitiful situation, and he will also play an active role in bringing out the comical elements. “Salty Idol” is set to air this winter, stay tuned for more details!

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