Yeo Jin Goo And Moon Ga Young To Star In New Mystery Drama “Link: Eat And Love To Kill”

Yeo Jin Goo and Moon Ga Young are all set to star in a new drama titled “Link: Eat and Love to Kill.” The two top actors will star in this drama filled with a mix of fantasy, romance and mystery surrounding the story between the characters of Eun Hye Hoon and Noh Da Hyun. Jin Goo will play the role of Eun Gye Hoon, a restaurant sous-chef who has it all – excellent cooking skills, stunning looks and an attractive voice. Ga Young will take on the role of Noh Da Hyun, a character that despite the negativity that surrounds her, still wears a bright smile with the belief that smiling brings luck. One day, Noh Da Hyun gets into an irreversible accident causing Eun Gye Hoon to suddenly begin feeling all of the emotions Noh Da Hyun feels. The story follows what unfolds between the journey of the two characters and how they experience the same joy, sorrow and pain together. This drama is marked as a reunion project for Jin Goo and Ga young who both starred in the 2010 historical drama, “The Reputable Family.” “Link: Eat and Love to Kill” is scheduled to premiere in the first half of 2022!

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