P-Pop Boy Group, VXON, Debuts Under Cornerstone Entertainment + Releases “The Beast”

Meet P-Pop’s newest boy group – VXON! The 5-member team has just debuted under Cornerstone Entertainment and along with their introduction to the world, also released their first-ever single, “The Beast.” VXON, consisting of members C13, Franz, Vince, Patrick and Sam, showcase incredibly synchronized choreography, powerful vocals and extraordinary visuals amidst an extravagant set, for the music video of their newest track. To make the single even more special, the song was written by group members C13, Sam and Franz along with Korean music producer, Knockloud, to provide an empowering message of facing challenges and unleashing the beast within them to overcome these. With the members directly involved in their art and them showcasing their talents through their music, we can’t wait to see the blossoming of VXON’s career moving forward! Take a look at the music video for “The Beast” down below and stay tuned for more updates on VXON!

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