SB19’s Stell Launches New YouTube Channel And Uploads First Video

Photo: @stell16_ (IG)

SB19’s Stell is ready to share more content with his A’TIN all over the globe! The singer has just launched his individual YouTube Channel titled “Vester Ajero,” and despite just starting, has already garnered almost 40k subscribers! Stell’s first video, cutely called “Welcome Me To My Vlog,” shows the SB19 member introducing the viewers to his new channel and how he has many plans to share and upload content for his fans to see and enjoy. Although he kicked off the video feeling awkward and nervous, he quickly jumped into a natural YouTuber vibe as he answered questions from his A’TIN from all around the world. Stell answered questions such as, if he would ever consider doing solo projects overseas, struggles that he’s faced, as well as other fun and silly questions that he gracefully and generously answered. The second half of the video was focused on video shoutout’s from fans, friends, and family, greeting Stell on the launch of his YouTube channel as they all showed their love and support for the singer’s new endeavor. Stell was touched and left speechless seeing the amount of videos from his loved ones and ended the vlog with a promise to work hard on producing and uploading content! SB19 had an incredible 2021 and we can’t wait to see what else the group has in store for 2022, this includes individual projects such as Stell’s YouTube channel as well! Check out his first vlog down below and make sure to subscribe to his channel here.

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