AB6IX Releases Special Album, “Complete With You,” For Their Fans


AB6IX is sharing their heart with the release of their special album, “Complete With You.” As a gift for their fans, ABNEW, members Lee Daehwi, Kim Donghyun, Park Woojin and Jeon Woong all participated in writing and producing every single track on the album, making the project even more personal, as they share their thoughts and feelings with the fans who have shown the group never-ending support. “Complete With You” features five songs: “Venus,” Donghyun’s dreamy solo track, “위로 (Consolation),” Woojin’s vibey solo track, “Crazy Love,” Woong’s lively solo track, “너의 눈에 내가 보여서 (In Your Eyes),” Daehwi’s emotional solo track, and the bright and upbeat title song, “1,2,3.” With the members’ participation in the entirety of the album, they were able to showcase and highlight their individual charms and talents, making the gift to ABNEW even more special! Along with the release of the album, AB6IX also dropped the performance music video for their title track, “1,2,3,” where they listed – Step 1: Planning A Serenade, Step 2: Getting Ready For The Stage and Step 3: Serenade Stage, as they sing and dance around preparing for a major performance. The song is a bright and cheerful track that we’re sure will please their fans all over the world! The fresh editing style of the black and white to color clips, and the members in individual spaces is the perfect visual pairing to the fun special track.

In regards to the release of the album, each member shared their thoughts – Lee Daehwi said, “It’s our first album for 2022. I find it especially meaningful that it’s full of songs written by our members. I hope you will enjoy it. Thank you!” “The individuality and charms of each AB6IX member stand out in this feel-good album, It also features a wide range of genres. Hopefully people will come to love it,” is what Donghyun had to say about “Complete With You.” Jeon Woong expressed how much he misses ABNEW, “We greatly miss our fans during these challenging times brought on by COVID-19. This album embodies our longing and desire to be able to meet them again. Please show your interest and love! I love you,  ABNEW.” Woojin shared, “I’ve felt good about this album primarily because it feels like we’re giving a gift to our fans. My wish is for our music to be able to comfort the listeners.”

Be sure to listen to “Complete With You,” now available on all music streaming platforms, and check out the music video for “1,2,3” down below!

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