BTS’ SUGA Teases “7FATES: CHAKHO With BTS” Theme Song Sung By Jungkook

Sure, BTS has had some interesting team up’s and units release tracks together before, such as: SUGA and RM for “Respect,” j-hope and V for “Brand New Day,” RM, Jimin and Jungkook for “Waste It On Me,” Jin and V for “It’s Definitely You,” and the list goes on! One duo that many have been anticipating to see since the mega group’s debut, is a collaboration project between SUGA and Jungkook. Well, the time has finally come! SUGA took to his Instagram stories to tease the news that he and Jungkook are working together to create the official theme song for action-thriller, “7FATES: CHAKHO with BTS,” titled “STAY ALIVE.” SUGA has been confirmed to have produced the track while Jungkook will be taking over the vocals. The song is set to premiere on WEBTOON on February 5th and will officially be released on February 10th. “7FATES: CHAKHO with BTS” follows the story of seven characters on a mission to avenge their loved ones, as its set in an urban fantasy city set in a distant future inspired by Korea’s Joseon Dynasty. Their characters will band together to become tiger hunters in an attempt to rid their world of evil. Check out the epic story film down below!

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