SB19’s Pablo Makes Highly-Anticipated Solo Debut With Single, “La Luna”

SB19’s leader, Pablo, is bearing his true feelings and thoughts in an honest and emotional, yet powerful track titled, “La Luna.” This single marks Pablo’s solo debut and is a project that the 27-year old artist took reigns of in terms of writing, composing, and producing. The song tells a story about freeing oneself from falling into and conforming to society’s unrealistic expectations, a song that is ultimately about self-love. In a released statement, Pablo spoke about the special project stating:

“We all have flaws and we need to accept those imperfections because those are what makes us who we are. To be mentally healthy, we need to come to terms with ourselves, that what we feel is valid. We shouldn’t suppress it just so we can please everyone and avoid confrontation. There will always be black in white and white in black. We should maintain balance within us. That’s how we remain sane and alive. Its focus is mostly about myself, my feelings, my beliefs, how I view the world and how it affects me.”

“La Luna” features a mix of Tagalog and English lyrics, with a mysterious and powerful undertone within its music. The official music video for the track reflects the same vibe, as we see various versions of Pablo, which represents the many emotions and thoughts that run through his body and mind. We also get to see the intense acting chops of the singer, giving the music video so much more depth and in a way, showcases the realistic battles many go through internally. Check out the official music video for “La Luna” down below and make sure to add the track to your playlists as it’s now available on music streaming platforms!

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