P-Pop Groups BINI And BGYO Are The First Filipino Artists To Cover NFT Magazine, XPEDITION

Since their respective official debuts in 2021, P-Pop groups BINI and BGYO have continued to add on incredible experiences and accolades to their ever-growing list of achievements. They also are known to break boundaries, with both groups finding success not just locally, but on a global scale as well. Just a few days ago, it was unveiled that BINI and BGYO have become the first and only Filipino artists to be featured on the Dubai-based XPEDITION Magazine cover set in the Metaverse! For their exciting virtual launch hosted by Spatial and The Meeting Place, the members of both groups were in attendance as avatars as they interacted with the attendees and posed with their individual and group covers. XPEDITION is a leading publication in Dubai that covers luxury travel, fashion, and lifestyle, and has also became the first-ever magazine in the Middle East to launch in the Metaverse. In regards to the participation of BINI and BGYO for this exciting project, XPEDITION Magazine’s founder and editor-in-chief, Josh Yugen, stated: “XPEDITION always explores innovation and cutting-edge technology and at the same time we always believe in the power of young people. For me, BINI and BGYO are one of the most talented and hardworking celebrities that I have worked with aside from being polite, kind and humble – a true role model for the modern youth.” Along with the direction of Josh Yugen, XPEDITION co-founder, Ian Borromeo, also participated in the project’s production, with fashion designer, Furne Amato, styling the BINI and BGYO members in stunning couture outfits. While the virtual gallery has closed, you can order an issue of the magazine with BINI and BGYO on the cover here. Congratulations, BINI and BGYO!

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