SURAN Makes Sultry Comeback With New Single “Devil’s In The City”

Photo: S-TASY

SURAN has officially made her comeback with the single, “Devil’s In The City,” set to entice the listeners with its dreamy beat backing up SURAN’s sultry vocals. The track that features South Korean rapper and producer, Dok2, is the third released single under SURAN’S independent label, S-TASY, and is a song in which SURAN heavily participated in the writing, production, and composition of. In a released press statement, the singer/songwriter shares, “We have to keep in mind that anyone can become a devil in this world. Inspired by real experiences, this song expresses the ambivalence of human beings. I was going through some hard times and as I was recovering and pulling myself together, I was able to write this song.” The music video that accompanies the track brings a mysterious and mesmerizing concept, showcasing SURAN dressed in an all black outfit, extra-long black nails and a sleek, high ponytail on the rooftop of a skyscraper. Check out the music video down below and be sure to listen to “Devil’s In The City,” available on all music streaming platforms now!

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