BTOB’s Minhyuk Sizzles In “BOOM” Comeback

BTOB member, Minhyuk, is back with new solo music as he returns with his second full-length album, “BOOM,” following his first release, “HUTAZONE,” back in 2019. “BOOM” contains 12 songs, including: “I’m Rare,” “Shadow,” “넌 나의 봄이야,” “그대가 모르게,” “사랑일까요 (Duet. 이창섭 of 비투비),” “위험해,” “Real Game (Like Messi),” “우리 함께 걸어요,” “Red Wine,” “기다리고 있어,” “끝 눈,” and title track, “BOOM.” The entire album is an art piece by Minhyuk who aims to show his diversity and range in music as it covers genres such as ballads, hip-hop, and R&B. Check out the spicy music video for “BOOM” down below and be sure to listen to the album, now available on all music streaming platforms!

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