THE BOYZ Officially Cancels Two Postponed U.S. Shows From “THE B-ZONE” World Tour

In early June 2022, THE BOYZ members Juyeon, Kevin, Q, and several members of their staff tested positive for COVID-19, resulting in postponed shows for the U.S. leg of their world tour, “THE B-ZONE.” Affected by this unfortunate situation were the shows in Dallas and San Jose, the two final stops of the tour. Sadly, IST Entertainment has confirmed the official cancellation of the two shows due to local conditions and future schedules, with both the agency and organizer agreeing to cancel it altogether.

Below is the full statement from IST Entertainment on the matter:

Hello. This is IST Entertainment.


After searching for multiple ways with the organizer to reschedule the postponed shows, taking into consideration the local conditions and future schedules, the decision was reached to cancel the above shows.
We know that this will come as an enormous disappointment to all the fans who were looking forward to attending the show after a long wait.
As the shows were cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, we will try our best to hold a new tour in the near future and prioritize to meet our fans in Dallas and San Jose.

Once again, our apologies for this cancellation notice to all the fans who have been waiting for a long time. All ticket purchasers will receive a total refund through their original point of purchase. If you purchased your tickets through the official ticketing site or your respective venue, the refund will be done automatically. If you purchased your ticket through a third party or reseller, please contact them directly for any refund requests. Third-party resale sites/resellers are not official sales channels (such as the venue box offices and official ticketing sites), so we will not be able to assist you with any issues that may arise with ticketing, refunds, etc. as there will be no record of the sale/purchase in the official ticketing systems.

We thank you all for your kind understanding for the sudden cancellation, and would once again like to convey our sincerest apologies to all the fans who have long awaited for this event to happen.

Thank you.”

Although the two shows have been cancelled, THE BOYZ will be returning to America in August as they are scheduled to perform at KCON 2022 LA along with many other K-Pop acts.

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