SB19’s Justin Starts Up Aesthetic Brand, “Visar Society”

Photo: visar society (Instagram)

SB19’s youngest member, Justin, is starting up a new aesthetic line of merch called, visar society, showcasing his gorgeous designs on totes, stickers, and notebooks. Known for his incredible talent in drawing, designing, and conceptualizing (the singer has a college degree in Multimedia Arts!), A’TIN were beyond excited to find out that they would be able to get their hands on pieces the singer put his heart and soul into. Mainly revolving around the green and beige color palette, the products include cute and silly sayings, a type of humor that Justin is known for! The notebook, which shows a photo of a deer on the cover, has the text kwadeerno, a little play on words for “kwaderno,” which is notebook in Tagalog. Another cute piece is a tote bag that depicts little lemons and says, “Ang tako mo, lemon ka ng lemon.” visar society launches their line through Lazada – unfortunately for international fans, the pieces won’t be available, but with how high in demand projects by SB19 members are, we won’t be surprised if they release and ship their products internationally sooner than later! Just taking a page from fellow SB19 member, Ken, who most recently sold out all of the releases from his solo endeavor, SUPERIOR SON, in minutes, and this includes the participation of international fans as well! If you have the chance to get your hands on any pieces from visar society, the line drops on July 7th! Take a look at the products below – congratulations, Justin!

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