SB19 Holds Media Conference Ahead Of Sold-Out Araneta Show And WYAT World Tour

Photo: SB19 (Twitter)

The beloved 5-member group, SB19, gathered on Tuesday afternoon in Manila to meet with the press ahead of their sold-out show at the famed Araneta Coliseum this weekend and their very first international tour, the WYAT World Tour, set to kick off soon after. Known as the “P-Pop Kings” – who have truly paved the way – Pablo, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin are about to embark on the next step in their continuously growing career: their first world tour, which will take them to various locations in the Philippines, as well as abroad, in Dubai, New York, Los Angeles, and Singapore, with more to be announced. The members shared with the media how excited they are to be going on tour and seeing their fans in person after a challenging few years of the pandemic, they also expressed their eagerness to show the international A’TIN (and non-A’TIN) just what the group is capable of as they bring their live performances to fans abroad. After the incredible amount of success their comeback single, “WYAT (Where You At)” has brought the group so far since its release, the members have admitted to “going back to basics” as they continue their intense training and preparation for the energy-draining performances which has the boys singing and dancing in unison for a long period of time. SB19 has cemented their status in the music industry for providing incredible stage performances where they showcase powerful vocals and synchronized dance moves. But just because they’re already known for that doesn’t mean they should stop continuing to form their craft. Josh told the media that as they prepare for their shows, they’ve cancelled a lot of their schedules to really focus on their training. Justin and Ken added that despite what they’ve learned and gained over the past years of being a group, they are pretty much re-learning singing and dancing to further strengthen their skills, and with their dedication to this, have led them to be physically exhausted at times. On the bright side, what keeps them going is their A’TIN. While they’re excited to meet their fans all over the world, the group is also looking forward to the simple experiences while on tour such as seeing snowfall and going snowboarding, per Pablo and Ken’s requests, or the never-failing fun of shopping and exploration of a new city, which is what Stell and Josh want to do. The group’s youngest, Justin, has a specific goal in mind while on tour in the U.S. – he’s looking forward to visiting San Francisco, where he wants to see the Golden Gate Bridge and spend time walking alongside a trolley, something he has always wanted to do since childhood, after seeing a painting one day. SB19’s passion for their craft and love for their fans is ablaze, and the fire doesn’t seem like it will settle down any time soon. With the group having officially debuted back in 2018, their journey to take over the global stage is just beginning! Be sure to attend a show on the WYAT Tour – you don’t want to miss it!  

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