MYX Rallies Up New Artists To Feature On MYX Live! And MYX Hits Different

MYX is known for being that stepping stone for new artists to showcase their talents and be promoted on a global scale. The music and lifestyle platform continues to highlight these artists with two shows – a new season of “MYX Live!” and through a brand new concept, “MYX Hits Different,” airing this month! This is a move in the right direction to truly elevate Pinoy talent in the modern age.

MYX Live! is a returning show that focuses on live music performances of fresh new talent showcasing their latest and greatest hits on a worldwide platform. This new season will feature both local and international artists such as: Nameless Kids, JRLDM, Anji Salvacion, Jeremy G, Clara Benin, Dilaw, Alex Bruce, Raven, Magnus Haven, Because, and ALAMAT. While the new season will continue to provide the nostalgic feelings it’s known to bring, it will also include mini-interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage.

MYX Hits Different is a new concept set to bring a variety of artists in the music industry front and center as they put on special performances within uncommon locations for an artist to sing or dance in, described as a program that will bring “the artists outside the studios and into random, yet familiar spaces of daily life. Imagine a barber shop, the grocery store, an auto shop, a café, and other such places.” The press release states that MYX Hits Different “features artists in a different light by showcasing not only their talents but also the personality behind their artistry. They will be doing fun challenges, answer random questions, and perform their best title and B-side tracks.” The series will feature Ace Banzuelo, the cast of “Lyric and Beat,” Nobita, Paolo Sandejas, Young Cocoa, Denise Julia, Marlo Mortel, Syd Hartha, Patrick Quiroz, BGYO, Shanaia Gomez, and BINI.

We had the opportunity to interview some of the featured artists for both shows where they shared their thoughts on being a part of a remarkable media platform to show their talents to the world. They also talked about personal projects and accomplishments, much to the fans’ delight. Check out MYX for all of the episodes as well as more updates on MYX Live! and MYX Hits Different.

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