HORI7ON Releases Powerful Official Music Video For Pre-Debut Single, “DASH”

HORI7ON has officially arrived! The global boy group, created through the collaboration between MLD Entertainment, KAMP Global, and ABS-CBN’s hit show, “DREAM MAKER,” has just released the official music video for their pre-debut single, “DASH,” and it sure is powerful! Vinci, Kim, Kyler, Reyster, Winston, Jeromy, and Marcus have proven through the music video why they were the chosen members to complete HORI7ON – vocals, choreography, rap, and visuals – the members have it all. Despite this being released prior to their official debut, HORI7ON’s first-ever music video shows the great and exciting potential this boy group will ultimately grow into.

In “DASH,” we see the members taking over various locations such as shipping ports, hangars, airplanes, and rooftops as they proudly hold up their HORI7ON flag throughout. With stunning cinematography, the music video starts off highlighting each member with close-up shots as they walk through an abandoned location together. The ending shows all seven members celebrating on a rooftop facing the sunset, perhaps as a symbolism of their incredibly bright future.

HORI7ON will be traveling to South Korea in April to begin their full idol training, with a scheduled debut date of June 2023.

Check out the “DASH” music video down below as well as our exclusive interview with the group!

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