FNC Entertainment Debuts New Boy Group, AMPERS&ONE + Releases Song And Music Video, “On And On”

Photo: FNC Entertainment

FNC Entertainment, home to P1Harmony and SF9, officially debuts their newest boy group – AMPERS&ONE! Consisting of members Kamden, Brian, Jiho Siyun, Kyrell, Mackiah, and Seungmo, AMPERS&ONE come from various parts of the world, including – South Korea, America, Canada, China, and Australia, coming together through their love of music and dancing. The official press release for the group’s debut describes their sound as a “perfect blend of pop elements that delivers a high energy and powerful rhythm to get listeners moving, with a fun singing style that is a fun and light pop sound, contrasted with a lower and more mature beat, adding depth and variation to the song. Each member performs their best moves smoothly and effortlessly, making a strong impression of their highly-skilled choreography.”

AMPERS&ONE debuted on November 15th with their album, “AMPERSAND ONE,” which features three tracks, “”Sheesh,” “Sweet and Sour,” and title track, “On And On.” The first song on the album, is title track, “On And On,” an uplifting dance song set to inspire their listeners and audience, highlighting their boy-next-door charm and talents – a perfect track to debut with! Next up is “Sweet and Sour,” a declaration of a newfound love and the feelings of joy and excitement that comes with it. “Sheesh,” a groovy and rhythmic track encapsulates the exhilaration and admiration one experiences in a moment of sheer amazement.

Be sure to download the “AMPERSAND ONE” album, available now on all music streaming platforms, and check out the super fun and cute music video for “On And On” down below!

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